TechMeetsTrader Ventures generates revenue from market neutral cryptocurrency investment strategies (the “Principal Balance Strategy”) and uses those profits to fund venture capital activity (“Venture Strategy”).

Portfolio Companies

Weave Markets is a digital asset hedge fund specializing in market making and arbitrage.

Digital Brands Group acquires and operates digital first apparel brands. Their portfolio model increases revenues, decrease expenses, and establishes brand longevity.

StartEngine is a Broker-Dealer that helps everyday people invest and buy shares in startups and early growth companies. Specializing in securities offerings exempt from registration under Reg A & D of the Jobs Act, StartEngine is the largest CF platform on the market.

Hacker Noon reflects the technology industry with unfettered stories and opinions written by real tech professionals. With over 5 Million monthly active readers, Hacker Noon is one of the fastest growing technology blogs on the market.

Splinterlands is the number one ranked decentralized application in the world, rated by and They specialize in blockchain-based gaming using non-fungible tokens and are a game development studio for some of the top brands in the world.

Advisory Stakes

CryptoStar is a cryptocurrency mining and data centre operator out of Canada. The company has locations in Newfoundland and Alberta Canada with a current capacity of 120 megawatts (MW).

Pipefold is a non-custodial clearing house for digital assets. The company services institutional traders, exchanges, and custodians.

Innodt is a blockchain forensics platform that provides blockchain based transaction data, alerts, reports, and advanced analytics.

Fuse is a plug and play solution for mobile economies. Payment networks can be easily implemented for a variety of use-cases utilizing borderless transactions and interoperability.

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