We extract value from volatile markets and help our clients do the same. With a focus on efficient capital allocation and helping companies grow, our hands on approach provides a white glove service for firms surrounding Venture Capital, Blockchain, FinTech, Equities, and Derivative markets.

What We Do

Brokerages & Exchanges

We help optimize trading operations, identify and vet new listings, develop scalable business practices, and develop new revenue streams.

Hedge Funds & Family Offices

We develop proprietary trading strategies suitable for your risk profile and fund mandate. We'll also help you with implementation and execution.

Venture Capital Funds

We focus on efficient capital allocations and deploy low risk strategies that utilize idle cash to increase short term returns.

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Case Studies

Amplify Exchange

A commission free cryptocurrency brokerage

Our group was there from the start, growing the company from an idea to supporting project management and the launching of 50+ cryptocurrency markets. We’ve helped the company achieve over 8 figures in order flow, identify and support their market makers, integrate fiat on/off ramps, and hire key employees. Additionally, the TechMeetsTrader team has built arbitrage systems, lending relationships, and much more.



The premier white-labelled platform for exchanges, brokerages, and tokenizing assets

Our team has helped improve the quality of their services by working with management to optimize experiences for operators, enhance various aspects of their platform, and improve customer service practices.

PKL Ventures

A Family office focused on real estate, stocks, and conservative assets

Advise the managing members of PKL Ventures on various asset allocations within the equity markets, risk management strategies, capital efficiency, and alternative investments.


Masters In Trading

Helping passionate traders, eager to see real profit, learn what they need to know to trade confidently and successfully long-term

Previously operated under ActiveDayTrader, our team focused on building and educating their customer base on a proprietary trading strategy that helps identify mispriced Implied Volatility for specific catalysts, such as corporate earnings. This system focuses on equity option markets and annually sees 8 figures of order flow derived from the strategy.


NeuroStreet Trading Academy

A premier trading room and software suite helping Futures traders become consistently profitable

Our group built, licensed, and sold a proprietary futures trading strategy centered around order flow analysis, market profile, and cumulative tick volumes. Additionally, our team built an educational platform focusing on how to gain an edge trading cryptocurrency markets and introduced proprietary trading strategies and blockchain based strategic initiatives to the NeuroStreet management team.


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