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Features of the White-Labelled Trading Community

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Content Generated By The Community

Community-generated content allows you to access POWERFUL insights relevant to the topics that you’re most interested in! Whether you’re a swing trader, day-trader, value investor, or complete beginner, our platform makes it easy to create groups, gain exposure to new ideas, and receive feedback on your insights…

By trading as part of a group, you are able to broaden your perspective with input from other people… Studies have proven that sharing perspectives makes for a better, more efficient way of keeping your emotions under control!

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Universal Chat Channels

Befriend other investors! Universal commentary allows users to quickly converse without wasting time… Hyperactive investors make multiple trades each day or even every hour! Enjoying real-time communication with our chat features, investors can connect like never before! Send direct messages, or create video conferences with the ability to screen-share your charts live! Whether your chat is Public, Private, or Secret, we make it easy for you to share documents, pictures, videos, and links.

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Join Live Trading Webinars!

Are you interested in watching EXPERTS trade live? Would you like to look over their shoulder and ask them questions as the market moves? We partner with the best, most transparent, industry leaders to provide you with up-to-date education and market insights!

Live-Trading rooms have proven to decrease the learning curve and bridge the gap between hobbyist investors and professionals that have proven consistent profits… Wouldn’t you want to start learning skills that could provide endless income?

Each day, on TechMeetsTrader, we host both paid and free webinars so you can join industry veterans, and watch them trade their personal accounts!

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Receive Real-Time Updates

Receive updates from the people within your network! Many investors prefer to copy traders whose profitable tendencies present valuable opportunities…

Combined with the inherent connectivity of a social network, we allow investors to follow others traders and receive real-time text and email alerts pertaining to specific trade posts. In a moment’s notice, wherever they may be, investors can utilize these trade alerts to not only learn, but also earn!

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